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"Frozen Batteries"

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This experiment is designed to test out whether leaving Zinc-Carbon AA (AA Eveready batteries Super Heavy Duty) batteries in a fridge or refrigerator will last longer than a regular battery would. This experiment was suggested by my Aunt mainly because she heard a myth about longer lasting batteries through freezing the batteries. This experiment was done by using 2 batteries and by using a torch to drain the battery life. The entire experiment took approximately 9 weeks.


The aim of this experiment is to test out whether leaving AA batteries in a fridge or freezer will have a longer life span than AA batteries that have been left out in normal room temperature.

It is also to find out how cooling affects the chemical reactions within a battery thus in turn, how it effects the longevity of battery life.


I believe that leaving the batteries in the fridge will last longer than the batteries that have been left out in room temperature. Furthermore, the batteries that have been left in the freezer will last even longer.


24 AA Eveready batteries Super Heavy Duty

Iytworx Rubber Torch Light (with 3 Super Bright LEDs)

Goliath Sandwich bags




Kitchen Thermometer


Independent: The temperature in which the battery is stored in i.e. fridge, freezer and room temperature.

Dependant: The battery life.


Battery brand

Battery Type (AA)

The batteries are Zinc-Carbon not Alkaline

The batteries in the experiment are new

Same type of torch

The batteries are left in the fridge, refrigerator...