Science vs. Morals

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Although what science is capable of doing for human kind is excellent, from antibiotics to cell phones, we rely on science more then we realize. However, what happens when science is taken to the extreme, taken to far? How acceptable is it to take the guess work out of having a child and be able to create a "super child?" At first thought we think that it sounds great, we can all have perfect children with no diseases and no down falls, the smartest and best looking. Wrong. In a world full of perfection no one is different, there is nothing to strive for. I do not think it is right to "play god" so to speak when creating a child, if the child is born with a disability then you should care for that child just the way it is. If every parent in the world had a child and made them as smart as possible, then who would really be the smartest? In a way I think the scientists who created this technology are just like Hitler. Hitler believed in having the perfect race, blonde hair and blue eyes, he would kill anyone who did not fit this description. In the movie parents are able to create the perfect child, not much different then Hitler and no less moral. Science is respect to cloning is no less moral, cloning takes away the individuality. Imagine always knowing there is someone out there who looks just like you walking around, and at anytime could appear, pretend to be you, and screw up your life. I think scientists should stop playing around with reproduction and cloning, no good can come of it. Sure a perfect child would be great, by why not have a child with a fault and...