Science VS Religion.

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Science and Religion (By

Science and Religion have been long time enemies to each other as they may seem to the world. For centuries, they have remained noble but arrogant, both stood firm on their own grounds, neither wanted to give way. For many scientists, they are afraid that tortures the church once imposed on Galileo for speaking of scientific truth would again repeat; they fear that not only religion slows down scientific developments; it may also prevent technological advances. On the other hand, many religious leaders feel the threats posed by science, they concern about every battle they may lose to every single scientific breakthrough, and they worry hearts of good faith will soon be corrupted and totally destroyed by science. Mutual hatred towards each other and common misconception about each other have driven them to a conclusion that one of them shall win only by the death of the other.

All this fighting between science and faith over the years is to selfishly gain popularity by discrediting and hurting the other. Will they ever stop? Can science and religion be reconciled? For the first question, YES! For the second, sure, they can be reconciled. However, there is no need to do so because in proven science and true religion, there never is contradiction. In a deeper but fundamental sense, science and religion are in natural harmony. Science, by providing methods to investigate our external universe, by helping to comprehend our surrounding, and our world, indeed gives us awareness and truth. Religion, by providing ways to explore our internal selves, by helping to understand our own selves, in fact gives us meaning and purpose. Science and religion have always searched for the same thing, namely a greater world, a better life for each and every one of us.