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Science VS Religion

Through out time people have believed that the All Mighty was responsible for everything in life. However, there have been scientific discoveries to prove this theory wrong. Not all people believe that scientific evidence is legit. These, are the highly religious people and they have their reasons.

One reason that highly religious people still believe that their god causes everything is because that's what they are taught. For example, the topic of evolution contradicts the belief in the story of "Adam and Eve". Children are taught this story early in religious school and their parents may elaborate on it. Growing up believing something that teachers and parents taught you just can't be changed by reading an article during the latter years of your life.

Another reason pious individuals refuse to accept the fact their beliefs are wrong is because they are not open to new ways of thinking.

During the Renaissance is when the Scientific Revolution introduced new and different ideas. People doubted scientists and the church silenced them. Church officials believed they were trying to sway people to betray god. For illustration, an Italian scientist faced persecution for sharing his idea that the earth revolves around the sun. If the church believed a man was wrong about a new way of thinking then civilians weren't going to side with him.

In addition to religious people's stubbornness having an effect on believing scientific evidence, the fact that they couldn't believe some of the things they were being told was possible. For instance, the concept that bacteria created maggots instead of spontaneous regeneration completely perplexed people. They never saw these so called bacteria. How were they suppose to believe something they never saw and this was the first time they were hearing about it. They...