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In July 1998, Russell Weston killed two police officers in the U.S. Capital Building. He committed this act to prevent the spread of a disease, which he calls Black Heva. The victims of cannibals who are taking over the United States carry the disease. The two police men killed were the so-called cannibals. Weston is a paranoid schizophrenic. He now lives in the Federal Correctional Institution in Butner, North Carolina and has not received any treatment for his mental illness in the past three years (Hull 1,7). Should a psychotic individual remain medically untreated to avoid the death penalty? No human being should be mentally tortured to escape the punishment of his or her crime.

Currently, Weston is isolated in a cell and rants incoherently under his blanket. The only way to keep Weston from being executed is for him to not be treated as a mentally ill individual.

Weston's lawyers feel they are doing the right thing by keeping him sane. Additionally, Weston's lawyers feel that the only way to make the court believe he was insane when he killed the police officers is to keep him isolated in a prison cell (Hull 2).

On the contrary, Weston is being treated brutally. He is forced to suffer with paranoid schizophrenia, a mental disease that is characterized by delusions and includes symptoms of anger and anxiety, just so he can avoid the death penalty. Weston killed two innocent police officers for no apparent reason and he can easily get off for this crime by escaping the death penalty. His lawyers are not helping him at all. No matter what the ruling is Weston still has to suffer. Either he stays isolated in a cell for the rest of his life with no treatment for his mental illness or he...