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Creation of the world by God is described in the book of Genesis, which is

the first book of the bible. In chapter one it says "In the beginning God created the

heavens and the earth." It gives the specific day in which God created things, and

what he created on each day. For example Genesis 1:3 says "And God said let

there be light: and there was light." and in verse 7 it says..... " And God made the

firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the

waters which were above the firmament: and it was so." another example is verse

21 .... "And God created great whales, and every living creature that moveth,

which the waters brought forth abundantly, after their kin, and every winged fowl

after his kind: God saw that it was good." These are just a few examples given in

the bible I could give many more.

Creation has always been there because it is

true unlike Darwinism, also known as evolution. (Gradually developed form of life

starting simply as a cell- false belief." Evolution is a man-made theory, created by

a bunch of people who call themselves scientist who were very lost. Creation on

the other hand is a God-made thing, created by no one except God. Some people

do not believe in God and in Psalm 14:1 we are told... " The fool hath said in his

heart there is no God." People often say "If God created the universe then who

created God? Or you might hear from someone more intelligent, "If the universe

needs a cause then why doesn't God?" Well, everything that has a beginning

has a cause, and God had no beginning, so he doesn't need a cause. God also

being the creator had to of created time, so having created time, he is outside of

it. So He has no beginning in time, has always existed having no beginning or

end, so He doesn't need a cause which gives us the answer to the question.

According to the Oxford dictionary, Science is defined as... "A branch of

study which is concerned either with a connected body of demonstrated truths or

with observed facts systematically classified and more or less colligated by being

brought under general laws, and which includes trustworthy methods for the the

discovery of new truth within its domain." or in my own words science is.... based

on truth, and is the studying of theories and the searching of evidence to prove

those theories right or wrong. So if evolution were true, it could be supported by

events in history or proven by transitional forms in the alleged time periods. But

when it comes to evolution there is no evidence, yet people who call themselves

scientist state that evolution is true without any proven facts, which "truth" is the

basis for science. Therefore they cant be considered scientist because science

itself is based on truth and proven facts, and evolutionist did not base evolution

on truth or facts.

When it comes to creation views have never changed, there have been

people that have separated the church and then views have changed but creation

itself never has. Over time we have observed more facts that prove creation but

the creation process has remained the same, because creation is true. When it

comes to evolution, yes many point of views have changed. It has been said that

as Charles Darwin (author of the "origin of species") laid on his death bed and

said that he wished he never would have written his book.

Because of evolutionist, they have taken the Bible out of public schools,

and evolution has had an immeasurable effect on children in the schools. In the

public schools they teach that the earth is millions or even billions of years old,

but when they put men on the moon they expected to find feet or even yards of

dust to help prove evolution but instead they found only a few inches of dust.

Even though that has been used against evolution, they are still teaching kids

evolution as a truth not a theory. School used to be based on God and used to

pray before classes get started, and children used to carry their bibles to school.

Our schools were once God based, now they are based on unproven facts and


Scientific creationism takes something allot of people do not have and that

is "FAITH", according to Hebrews 11:1 it states that "Now faith is the substance

of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." In Genesis 2 we are given

details of the whole creation process. In Genesis 2:7 it states that Adam was

created from the dust of the ground," not from an ape. Also in Genesis 1:26 it

says: "God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness; and let them

have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over every creeping thing that creeps

on the earth." God made us, mankind, in His image- not the image or form of

animals. The Bible says also that Eve was created from one of Adam's ribs,

which would explain why women have one more rib than men. Paleontology

could be the number one thing to help prove creation. The lack of transitional

forms was Darwin's biggest problem in trying to prove evolution. Darwin had

expected an "inconceivably great" number of intermediate and transitional forms,

but they found absolutely none in all studies they did. Transitional forms are

fossils found that are in an "in between" stage of life form- like switching from ape

to human. Darwin also said that later there would be discoveries that would fill in

all of the gaps, and to this day not one discover has led to such a thing. "Some

evolutionists have tried to escape the idea of transitional forms by leaning on

punctuated equilibrium, which says that the transitional forms were cut off by

"worldwide" cataclysms that made an extinction of animals so there would be no

new radical life forms." But if this were true, then why and how did man live

through this, doesn't evolution teach that we evolved from animals? If so, then

why didn't we die off with them, another factor pointing to creation. With

absolutely no evidence to back up either one of these theories, these "so called"

scientists- who are supposed to be basing their findings on truth, look like a

bunch of fools. Some animals were quickly buried after death, and by sinking in

mud or being buried in a sand storm, over time more sediment covered the

remains. The parts of the animals that didn't rot or decay- such as the bones or

teeth, were surrounded by a newly formed sediment. Under the right

circumstances, which would be not getting eaten by an animal or not much

weathering, parts of the animal in the buried animal's bodies "underwent" a series

of changes. As the bone very slowly decayed water "infused" with minerals

seeped into the bone and replaced the chemicals in the bone with rocklike

minerals. The process of fossilization includes the dissolving and replacement of

the original minerals in the original object... the fossil. Most animals did not and

will not fossilize- they will either simply decay, or get lost or eaten, and will be

gone from the fossil record. "Fossils are forms of life which are presumed to have

existed during limited periods of geological time and have been widespread in

occurrence, thus indexing the age of rocks in which they are found." So the study

of fossils, or Paleontology, teaches us the age of the fossils- and the fossils we

have are not billions of years old. They are only at the stage of, at most, a couple

thousand years, which is another truth to help prove creation. Are dinosaurs a

testimony for creation? Yes, dinosaurs are one of the greatest fascinations to

men and also to children- and a very powerful testimony for creationism. The first

fossil of a dinosaur was found in England over150 years ago. It was a very large

tooth, which the discovery led to a discovery of more teeth and bones. At first

they thought that the teeth belonged to an ancient rhinosauras, but later

discovered that the teeth resembled that of an iguana- just must larger.

Evolutionists thought that this could be used to help prove evolution, but it

couldn't. With such a size difference between the teeth of an iguana and the

teeth found, there should have been transitional forms- and there were absolutely

none found., which was used against evolution again. People are often trying to

explain the extinction of dinosaurs, and one of the most popular theories is that

an astroid struck the earth, making a huge cloud of dust and gas that covered the

entire earth- making the earth either very cold or very hot, killing the dinosaurs.

But again, if that were true then humans would be extinct too. Humans mingled

with dinosaurs and in passages in the bible it often speaks of killing a dragon, and

the details it gives of the creatures or dragons are exactly the same as to what

we have discovered about dinosaurs, proving that man and dinosaur lived at the

same time, eliminating that theory. Some examples from the bible are Micah

1:8..... "I will make a wailing like the dragons....." and in Genesis 1:21 "And God

created the whales, and every living creature that moveth which the waters

brought forth abundantly, after their kind, and every winged fowl after his kind and

God saw that it was good". Psalm 74: 13-14 " (13) Thou didst divide the sea by

strength, thou brakest the heads do the dragons in the waters"> people often say

that they have seen the heads of dinosaurs in the water "(14) Thou brakeest the

head of Leviathon in pieces and gavest him to be the meat to the people

inhabiting the wilderness". which would explain the extinction of dinosaurs, as

soon as God gave the people permission to eat meat, dinosaur was a perfect

choice and so many men were hunting them and eventually they just died off.

Dinosaurs were a perfect choice because they were so big that they could supply

allot of food to the people, and there scales and things could be used as


The second law of thermodynamics states that all processes of nature

have a tendency toward decay and disintegration, or in other word it is saying that

eventually everything falls apart or breaks down. I mean as humans grow older

our bodies slow down and become more fragil, we develop wrinkles, our bones

break easier, we do not get in better shape or look better as we get older. We

develop new diseases and get sick. The second law of thermodynamics is also

known as entropy. Entropy also proves evolution wrong because according to

evolution, earth would be getting better and more alive, and humans would be

getting more knowledgeable, yet the opposite is happening as generations go on

we get dumber and dumber, not smarter. Humans only use about five percent of

our brains, but a great and well known genius like Albert Einstein used about ten

percent of his brain. Scientist (evolutionist) claim that we are related to the apes

only because we have many similarities in looks (if they want to say that they look

like an ape then go for it better them than me) but that does not necessarily mean

we came from them or evolved. In Genesis 1:26-27 it states ..." God said, let us

make man in our image, after our likeness, and let them have domain over the

fowl of the air and over the cattle and over all the earth" (27) So God created man

in his own image, in the image of God created in him, male and female created

he them." God created each thing to look different and everything has a special

quality about them, the two words that evolutionist hate the most to hear are

"significant designer" they hate to admit that man was created by God, not

evolved from an ape.

Example given in book

Frog t = instantaneous Prince = Nursery tale

Frog t = 300 million years Prince = science