The Scientific Method

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1. Observe= what is wrong?

2. Ask a question= what can I do?

3. Data= collect information

4. Hypothesis= a statement that both explains the observation and can be tested

5. Experiment

6. Conclusion

*Clue to remember this in order!*

Oscar's Apples Don't Heal Every Cancer.

To collect data, you must observe. Observation uses at least one of the five senses.

Two Types of Data:

1. quantitative data= numbers

2. qualitative data= descriptions

Types of Experiments:

1. controlled experiment= compare control group to an experimental group

*control group does not have the factor that you are


*experimental group does have the factor being tested

Types of Microscopes:

1. light= the ones most used in classrooms

2. electron= uses a beam of electrons instead of light; approximately 200,000 times stronger than light microscopes