Scientific Method

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Scientific Method

The key to a successful and safe lab experiment is following the steps of the scientific method.

The first step in the scientific method is observing, the importance of this step is to basically gather information and to see what your working with. The four main things done in this step are collecting data, measuring, experimenting, and communicating. After all of these things have been accomplished it is time to move on to the next step.

Formulating a hypothesis has importance because it emphasizes on how you think the outcome of the lab will be. There are five things to keep in mind when formulating a hypothesis. Organizing and analyzing data this is done to make everything easier to work with later. Classifying, inferring, predicting, and communicating are done after organizing and analyzing make sure to follow these in order because this step is vital to your experiment.

After you have formulated a hypothesis testing is the next step. The importance of this step is to see how the results will differ from your hypothesis. There are five things you have to do when testing, predicting, experimenting, communicating, collecting data, and measuring. During this step it is vital that safety precautions are taken as well as making sure the experiment is done right.

When testing is completed theorizing which has three main points is done. Constructing models, predicting and communicating are all important during this step. Talk about the results of the lab testing and thoroughly examine the hypothesis as compared to the results.

After communicating thoroughly about the entire experiment publish your results.