Scientific Method

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The Scientific Method is a procedure used to examine, review, and assess a problem or predicament in the area recognized as science. This technique has been used for numerous decades; it offers a more accurate makeup for managing information, investigating it, and then revealing the outcomes to the scientific society. The Scientific method is used to figure out how things work or to solve problems which otherwise go unsolved. When a person follows the correct sequences of this method, victory is with no uncertainty certain.

The first of four steps in this process is to state the problem or predicament. Doing this first step ensures that the rest of the steps go smoother. The problem can have many different solutions but following the process will narrow them down to one solution. "In science, observations lead to questions" (Pruitt and Underwood, 2006). A plant in a window will bend towards the light as it grows.

This makes people question as to why does the plant bends towards the light.

The second step involves obtaining information related to the given experiment. Information can be gathered numerous ways. Research is an important key in the process because reliable information needs to be gathered to form a good hypothesis. Information can be gathered from books, newspapers, internet, and other people. Occasionally a person can use knowledge from previous similar experiment they have conducted. Common knowledge is that a plant will grow towards the light but facts are needed to support a hypothesis.

The hypothesis which is the third step must be formed from information. This step involves educated guesses or predictions. These guesses are derived from information collected in step two. "In other words, within the context of a given hypothesis, given such and such a constellation of factors (the controlled experiment), such and...