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The Scientific Method is a practice used to analyze, assess, and evaluate a dilemma or quandary in the playing field known as science. This method has been utilized for many centuries; it provides the correct structure for attaining data, testing it, and then exposing the results to the scientific community. When you follow the proper progression of this process, success is without a doubt guaranteed.

The foremost stride in the series is affirming the predicament. To do this, you need to inquire with reference to something you would like to have additional knowledge on. Come across a topic that you query and/or are troubled with, then it is easier to mold your initial question. Once you have thoroughly completed these basic first steps you obviously would like to discover an answer to your selected issue, and so you move on to the next step in the sequence. For this particular case study scenario the problem is the grass around your house: It is brown, short, and dead, while your neighbor's grass is green, tall, and alive.

In the second step you must form a hypothesis. What you want to do is make a good educated guess on what you think will be the outcome of the experiment. Using the information you gathered from the previous step, this should not be too hard. For the above example many different hypotheses are readily available. For the sake of time we will choose only one hypothesis: Your grass is brown, short, and dead because you are using a dull lawnmower blade. Your neighbor has good grass due to the fact that he regularly sharpens his mower blades throughout the season. After you have developed a hypothesis, you must move on to testing and learning from it!

Now, to the hands-on part, which is...