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CORE11-113 STaRS 131



Which of the following is true of the scientific method ?

It should be a linear process

It should be open to bias

It should be based on observation / experiment

The hypothesis must be able to be proven

A peer-reviewed journal is one in which

articles have been assessed by a panel of students

articles have been reviewed by an editor

articles have been reviewed on the internet prior to publication

articles have been assessed by scholars in the field

When reading a website article in which sources were not referenced, you would be most concerned about:






(In this case, Authority may also be a valid option… however, questions on the exam will only ever have ONE right answer and as such will have to be more concise than this one)

Which of the following is a subjective issue ?

the proportion of obese Australians under 12 is increasing

petrol is cheaper on Tuesdays

STaRS tutors are the best in the Faculty

South America is hotter then North America

What is the main claim of the following argument?

"I don't care how many architecture awards Harry has won.

He simply has no taste. His building on Main Street looks like a matchbox, and the proportions of the house he designed for the Smiths are all wrong"

I don't care how many awards Harry has won

Harry has no taste

Harry's building on Main Street looks like a matchbox

The proportions of the house Harry designed for the Smiths are all wrong

Gender of subjects in a research experiment corresponds to what type of variable?





A study design in which data about alcohol consumption is collected retrospectively from liver cancer patients and...