The Scole Experiment

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The Afterlife Investigations: The Scole Experiment

Humans have grown to live by the popular belief that life starts at birth and ends with death. The said belief has grown to an extent where phrases such as "live like you're dying" or "live as if today's your last day to live" are the ones that have been believed and practiced by many for years. As people bid farewell to their loved ones and bury them with the belief deeply implanted in their minds, the idea of a life after death might seem unrealistic, perplexing, and even absurd to some. Yet, there are also people whose interest has been greatly piqued by the idea, including those whose fascination and curiosity led to the discovery of the said to be strongest proof of the afterlife: The Scole Experiment.

"The Afterlife Investigations: The Scole Experiment" is a documentary directed by Tim Coleman that tells about the results of a five-year series of experiments conducted between 1993-1998 by four psychic researchers in the Norfolk Village of Scole through the use of physical mediumship.

Thousands of hours of sessions in the experiment were monitored under the strictest conditions by skeptic scientists belonging to the Society for Psychical Research (SPR), Britain's most distinguished society committed to investigating the paranormal in order to expose frauds. Moreover, a vast range of other academics and scientists attended the sessions of The Scole Experiment held across the globe. The series of experiments captured truly mind-boggling discoveries that support the notion that there may be life after death, including haunting photographs and the voices of the people from past eras. Those who were part of the experiment claimed to have seen and encountered handwriting, symbols and messages which...