Scorned Death

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The life that I experienced was quite sweet. I grew up in a small town located in West Virginia, USA. My childhood life could be perceived as moderately pleasant-normal.It had been due to the support of my parents that I had inculcated in myself a sense of how important education was.

I was rather regarded as nerd back then, due to my heavy educational activities that I was always occupied with. My life came to a peak of happiness when I was enrolled to an all girls prestigious preparatory school.

My first moments when I embarked into the first semester in the school was rather bitter,only a few good-hearted soul could be found speaking to me. I had never imagined that the everyday life there could be out rightly demanding. It insists on impeccable demeanor at all times and expecting all rules to be adhered to.

As I came from a relatively affluent family, I could easily adjust myself to the environment.

Then, I realized that the environment offered there was rather insipidly depressing. Every student was required to strive as hard as possible, beyond every normal human limits. Getting all high straight As in examinations and to excel in sports was considered to be a good student, not yet excellent. But, with higly good conduct and a contribution to the school in terms of competition medals, trophies and also in the form of money.

The requirement of expectations recommended there was contra wise to the systems in the mediocre neighboring school. With the heavy load of stress impending every students, high expectations from their prominent, staid parents jeopardized our mental state even more.

All my grievance and resentment towards my life vanished as soon as I met Sarah. Sarah was formidably known to be the most popular...