A Script For A Interview For The Book "Chrysalids" by John Wyndham

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An Interview with David StrormI: Welcome David Strorm, from Waknuk, Newf!D: Thank you, thank you,I: So, David, how did it feel to know that if you were ever caught while escaping that you would have to kill your little sister Petra, and the love of your life Rosalind?D: Well obviously. It was a horrible feeling. Like I said before, it would be like killing apart of myself, except even more than a part of myself. At first I didn’t think that I could do it, especially killing Rosalind, but once I felt those thoughts from Katherine and Sally, I knew I had to do it. I could never in my life let Rosalind and Petra experience that kind of pain.

I: That would really have been a bad ending. –Wink-. Well onto a lighter thought I guess? How hard was it to get over the fact that tribulation was a lie, and there was a less-primitive place to live where almost all of the people were what you would call “deviations”?D: Well, to get over that fact it took a little while, although since I met Sophie, and our whole “group” was going to be seen as a “deviation”, so it deviations obviously aren’t as soulless as my father and the rest of the society made them sound.

It really helps me get over it a lot better to know how much more advanced and peaceful people that can think-together are, and that there is a whole society of them.

I: Well that’s pretty good. Too bad I can’t make think thoughts that would be really cool. Although, Sealand sounds like an amusement park, I wouldn’t really want to live there myself. Anyways, so is it at all weird to like your cousin? Does it make you feel awkward...