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ELSIE: Good morning, ladies and gentleman. Will the meeting please come to order. Thank you. I would like to welcome all of you to this meeting regarding of Beatz FM Media Entertainment Annual Dinner Planning. My name is Elsie Koon and I am the Chairmain of the G-Mac Agency Board of Directors, and I will be presiding at this meeting.

With us today, seated to my left, are the Event and Customer Service Manager, Mr Jerry and seated to my right are the financial manager, Ms Caroline. Mr Jerry will act as secretary of the meeting.

Also present at the meeting today are the representatives from Beatz FM Media Entertainment.

OSCAR: I would like to introduce myself. I am Oscar, the Program Director and she is my assistant manager in Beatz FM Media Entertainment, Ms Elena.

ELSIE: Thank you Mr Oscar. For your information, we are recording this morning's proceedings so that we can prepare a complete transcript for employees who are unable to attend the meeting.

The printed program, which was on your table when you came in, sets forth today's agenda and the procedures we will follow.

Now, will the secretary please take the roll?

JERRY: As members arrived, I took roll by checking their names off on my list and the quorum is present.

ELSIE: Is there anything else you want to report to me before we start the meeting?

JERRY: Yes, I do. I have been informed by Marketing Manager, Mr Tom that he could not attend today's meeting due to his official duties in overseas.

ELSIE: Thank you Jerry. I am advised by the Company Secretary that a quorum is present, and as the time is now 10.00am, I declare the meeting is open. Today I would want to...