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Joshua Is Sent

-The Book opens with God's sending Joshua to take the land of Canaan

-Other laws in the book of the covenant strike us today as clearly unjust

-The story of Joshua reminded the exiled Jews in Babylon centuries later of their need to turn to God again.

Rahab and the Spies

-Joshua then sends two spies to scout Jericho, which is the first city across Jordan

-They go to a lodging house run by a prostitute Rahab who recognizes that they are Israelites

-The king questions her on the visitors so she sends spies

-After Dark she bargains with the spies to stay in secrecy

-Moses builds an altar with twelve pillars representing the twelve tribes of Israel

- She promises to help them escape as long as they can provide safety for her family

When Jericho is invaded

-The spies return to Joshua and tell him of their news

Crossing the Jordan River

-Now there is another story of miraculous crossing, reminding us of our friend Moses leading the Israelites through the Red Sea

-Joshua orders a march

-As soon as the feet of the priest reached the riverbed the waters will not flow

-Piling up to the north and disappearing to the south

-The people cross the river and one man from each of the twelve of the tribes carries a stone from the riverbed to build a memorial at the new camp.

-They call it Gilgal meaning circle and referring to the circle of stones