Scripture: Three parts of Morality

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The Three Parts of Morality

Morality refers to a doctrine or system of conduct relative to principles of right and wrong behavior. Morality describes the principles that manage our behavior. Without these principles in place, societies cannot survive for long. In today's world, morality is frequently thought as belonging to a particular religious point of view. But by definition, this is not the case. Everyone sticks to a moral policy of some kind. Morality as it relates to our behavior is important on three levels as C.S. Lewis showed: fair play and harmony, clean up inside, and purpose of human life.

"Firstly, with fair play and harmony between individuals." (C.S. Lewis Pg. 7) This level of morality can be related to "Being worldly minded" in Matthew chapter 6. To be most reasonable people to agree, you have to place joy and happiness in other things and find them that are eternal.

Relating event happened long time ago. I had a friend who disliked me a lot even though we were best friends. The reason is that I made the basketball team and he didn't. During the season, I always told him to practice harder and harder so he can be on the team for next year, but he kept telling me to stop being cocky. After a year, he and I were on same team. He came to me and apologized for not listening to me and also said I was being honesty and reasonable to help him. C.S. Lewis is telling us that most reasonable people agree.

"Secondly, with what might be called tidying up or harmonising the things inside each individual." (C.S. Lewis Pg. 71) This level of morality can be linked to "Judging others" in Matthew chapter 7. Many times your faults are larger than...