Sea Power and Future Generation Warfare Demands

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In this essay we will discuss if Sea power is relevant to meet future demands related to 4. generation warfare. Much of the inspiration and information comes from the article Understanding Fourth Generation War written by William S. Lind. We will also use our own knowledge and try to define Sea power and 4. generation warfare. 4. generation warfare is known as non-state related groups with little or no uniforms. It's not necessarily a fight for resources or territory but more about promoting religion. That's why 4. generation warfare is so different from the usual war (1.,2. and 3. generation). Groups that make use of this kind of warfare can't be fought by using traditional methods. The enemy is not a big battleship that can be defeated with a torpedo, but on the other hand small, independent units that move fast. They live among the locals and don't stand out.

The enemy doesn't follow any international conventions and attack civil, non-strategic targets.

We define sea power as a nation's ability to take advantage of the sea as a resource both in a economical way, controlling and taking advantage of these resources, and in a military way, admittance to the coastline and strategic/economic important straits.

Supply lines have always been vital for the outcome of wars and will be vital also in this case. The 4. generation warriors are financing their activities mainly by illegal trading, for example by illegal immigration, narcotics, weapons etc. 30 percent of the worlds economy depends on trade and 99,7 percent of all trade is done at sea. Because of this it`s natural to believe that most of the illegal trade in the world is done at sea.

It's how we see it one way to defeat the problem with illegal trade at sea; that...