Sea for Yourself Sea for Yourself is the title of my essay.

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My life seems to stay at a constant speed of travel. I find very few escapes from the monotonous chore of everyday life. These simple, yet intricate escapes are the most important things I can do for myself. There is only one place I can go to completely launch my realm of reality into orbit and get a tight grip on this life that doesn't seem to ever move slower than mach three.

Hazard Canyon hides itself deep inside the core of Montana De Oro. Well-covered by crowds of unearthly eucalyptus trees, the meandering roads undulate enough to deceive the blind man and make him believe that he is sailing the seas. The canyon will not be tainted by tourists, for they always travel to the cove. This discreet dirt pull off, only attracts adventurous minds. The overwhelming smell of eucalyptus is bellowing outside, and it wants in.

So when you open the door to get out of your car, you better be ready, because you'll have a smelly partner riding shotgun for the trip home. The dirt awaits your feet, and forcibly invites you down into the mouth of the canyon as soon as you get both feet out of the car. The steep walk down the haphazard stairs might keep you in check, so I usually make sure my shoes are tied (I know you learned how to tie them too). Once you have made the trek passed the roots of treachery, the light has been made visible; you now have been invited to my perfect peace and harmony.

When I am at Hazard Canyon I feel that I distance myself from my normal reality and start to imagine life differently. What I do when I am there is almost like a meditation, an inspiration hits...