In Search of Dracula (Chapter 4)

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In chapter four of In Search of Dracula, by Raymond T. McNally and Radu Florescu, largely focuses on how he was prince of Wallachia. Furthermore, chapter four talks about his portraits and his artifacts. In addition, it was here where Dracula committed a large amount of his horror scenes (McNally 29). As well, this is where Dracula built all his monasteries and castles, and fought many battles (29).

During his reign in Wallachia, Dracula had many portraits taken of him, and many artifacts left behind, after his death in 1476. After his death, the Military History Museum in Bucharest had a collection of souvenirs from Dracula's time, and at Bucharest Park is where a model of Dracula's castle is located (29). Also, at the library of the Romanian Academy is where the document with the first reference of Bucharest, which was signed by Dracula (29). At Castle Ambras near Innsbruck is the only existing life size painting of Dracula (30).

Furthermore, Castle Ambras was one of the first history museums in Europe, and this is where the intriguing and rather terrifying gallery of villain and monsters were found (31). Castle Ambras has been barely touched since the days of its beginning (31). Dracula's paintings are still in existence in three different locations: The first one at the Vienna Art Gallery, The second painting was discovered by W. Peters, where it shows Dracula enjoying crucifixion, and third is at the library of the state Wurtenberg in Stuttgart (31,32). Finally, there has been many other portraits and artifacts of Dracula all around Europe.

Wallachia was where Dracula committed a large amount of horror scenes. For example, one of Dracula's mistresses was murdered by her suitor for unfaithfulness (40). She was impaled and her sexual organs were cut out, before she was...