In Search of Genius

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I wonder whythe vibrant natureof earth, sky and starsrarely interacts or sharesthe infinite wisdom possessedto influence those human spiritsgifted with grand capacities,who might gently interrupt and transformthe devastating realitiesof man's historical journey.

This vibrant, universal wisdommanifests in nature's amberdawn blanket of beauty,the rich echoesof forest faunain the Sycamore wood,the magnificence of yellow, red and purple wildlowerssinging their harmonious chorus of delightfrom a country rise,the stirring intonationof Bengal tiger's murmured purrsfrom the depths of the Saradan delta,all these things mesmerize,inspire,cleanseand unify the soul.


no consummative claimon the keys of tomorrow's kingdomto challange and rise above the malignant mediocrityand damnableincongruities of man,in support of these rare spiritsof extraordinary capacity,has consistently been put forth.

Not by the busy benefactors of truth.

Not by the vital vessels of truth.

Not by the objectifiers of truth.

Not by the collective diviners of truth.

So why...

do we not celebrateand consecrate the glory of a grand capacityas shepards proudly consecratethe splendours perfection of their flock?These beatific,extraordinaryindividuals of complex,comprehensive intellectcould potentiallyfulfill the poets' magical dreamof compassionate onenessthrough the unified spirit of man.

Magnificent mindsexist in the worldwhere all of us live;the rich man and poor man,the pauper and prince,the wise and the wicked,the female and male,the old and the young,are all part of an untapped mosaic of genius.

It is paramount we ponderthe absenceof these gifted gemswhen power gathers at the banquet tables for mankind.

The tentative timidity of gifted souls to enter arenasof philosophical and social commercecould well be intrinsicto the natureof the gifts they possess.

The geniushas always beenneeded to leadand to heal,with transcendent inspiration,man's confused,misused, perplexed natureand offer insightful epiphaniesto enhance the the human condition as a whole.

We need the geniusof theology, philosophy,poetry and painters,pugilists and plumbers,elementary school teachers,custodians and staff,street cleaners,street-walkersthe wretched homeless,the sailor,the soldier and...