I-Search paper on the career of a teacher.

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Helping Kids For A Living

"Class the I-Search paper will be due in two weeks," said Mrs. Garcia. The Advanced English II class of Riverbank High School was assigned to write an I-Search paper on a career that interested us. When I was told this I did not know what career to choose. First I wanted to be a Physical Education Instructor. Then I decided to be a Studio Technician. I did not like what I had chosen. I had already written a paragraph about each career and had done a little bit of research. I started thinking about what interested me and decided that I would be an Elementary Teacher.

The reason I picked this career is because it has always interested me. I like helping kid learn new things. I help coach with the Riverbank Youth League and I enjoy teaching the kids how to play sports. This is similar to being a teacher because I am helping kids, just in a different way.

I also tutored a student in eighth grade. The student was having trouble in his math class so I decided to tutor him during my 8th period class. His grade improved and that made me feel better about myself. So I guess I would also get a great satisfaction with helping kids get good grades. I also like to challenge people and see what they could do, so I would do that with my students if I were a teacher. These are all things that have to do with being a teacher and I enjoy them.

I do not know much a bout what a teacher does, at work or on there time at home. I do know that they help students learn the standards created by the state. I also know that they...