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I. Introduction

I chose to research evolution and creation because the possibilities of how life on earth started have been haunting me for years. Did we evolve over millions of years, or is our sole existence based on a single religious belief? In my childhood I had been forced to sit through many painfully boring scriptures that suggested how life was created on the planet. In my adult life however, I have stopped passively listening and started questioning: Is what I am hearing true, and more importantly, is it something I learned or merely accepted because that is what I was raised to believe? When I started this paper I knew that there was a scientist named Charles Darwin who had developed a theory which challenged religious beliefs gathered from the Bible. His beliefs were that we (humans), plants, and animals had evolved over millions of years from a single organism.

I also knew that according to the Bible God had created the Earth and everything on it in seven days. It is the combination of these two theories that caused me to question if they could possibly co-exist. I knew that there was some proof of a scientific explanation, but I did not know what that proof was, or how much it actually proved.

II. Search Questions

1. Who is Charles Darwin?

2. How did Darwin come to his beliefs?

3. How much proof does Darwin have?

4. Can the two theories of evolution and creation co-exist?

5. Which theory has more proof?

The above questions are what I originally started my search for answers on. However when I began to research the topics of creation and evolution further, it no longer seemed important to me to research about Darwin. Darwin simply laid the foundation for other...