"The Season Opener" this is a creative writing that uses the five senses to express the first game of the softball season.

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English 1010-12N

18 February 2002

The Season Opener

After two long endless months of continuous practicing a feeling of achievement flowed through me as we arrived at the location of our upcoming battle. This battle was like no other for us nine girls. The fierce competition that lay ahead would be fought with bats, balls, and gloves unlike others that were fought with spears, swords, and guns. While we waited to begin, three things crossed my mind: my anticipation, my preparation, and the game, which would eventually come.

As my anticipation arose, the once empty metal bleachers slowly began to fill. One by one spectators, parents, and friends came to watch what was the first of many futile competitions in a season ahead. Dressed as one, in gold and maroon, the girls of the team ran out onto the field in preparation for the game to come.

Nervousness struck me as well as my teammates from every angle. Are we ready? Have we practiced enough? As those two questions ran through my head, my stomach began to turn. "Five minutes girls!" yelled the umpire. Those five minutes seemed like an eternity to us nine girls. This was the time that I had to prove myself to everyone.

Preparing ourselves for the challenge at hand, we took the field in a professional-like manner, and game time soon neared. In the back of my mind, I could think of

nothing other than the replayed images of long, hard practices; bumps and bruises; and


the scolding of the harsh words that made me the player that I am. While our distressed opponents were struggling to see through the gray colored, metal cyclone fence, we were hoping to prove ourselves as the best. For a short period of time my...