Seasons How and why the seasons happen.

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It is said that the seasons are according to a certain position near the sun. This isn't true it is actually that a closer area is warmer than the further area.

The primary cause would be the 23.5 degrees variation to the rotational axis. This is part of the Earth being closer and going around the sun and being warmer in areas and this causes the seasons. And so we are farther away then we experience Winter and when we are closer we experience Summer.

Another fallacy is that Earth "tips toward the sun. The Earth doesn't tip it revolves around the sun and so it is like it is tipping. It stays in the same position or angle, it just goes around the sun. The tilt is such that as it revolves around the sun one part is closer than the other at certain times.

The seasons in the Southern hemisphere are out of phase with the Northern. You have the North facing the sun and the South is having Winter. Now the North faces away and the South is having Summer (which is why some old people living in Utah goto places like Florida when Autumn comes around).

The lag of the Seasons does happen every year, because of the Earth absorbing heat and whatnot (no it isn't lag in you favorite video game and I know you hate it). Like the max insolation of the sun is a month before the hottest day on Earth. This is too complicated to explain (don't know why), but it happens on Earth so live with it.

You could use the Starry Night program to simulate the movement of the sun and appearance of the night sky. Choosing whatever point you want on Earth at the different times of year it show the motions of the sun in the sky and other causes of seasons. An example would be that summers in the Arctic Circle the sun stay above the horizon all day, also called midnight sun. The Arctic Circle is lit all day, because light is spread throughout the atmosphere.

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