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Did you know that close to 28% of deadly car accidents happen within three blocks of your home, and wearing a safety belt and having a young child in a proper restraint for their weight could prevent close to 70% of deaths caused by car accidents.

Both my father and my uncle are fireman in a small town where a good percentage of their calls are for the usage of the "Jaws of Life". The tool that they use to help get victims out of their car after an accident, unfortunately not all calls require the tool. A high percentage of victims are thrown many feet from the seen of and accident and dead on arrival all because of the carelessness of not wearing a seat belt.

Within the last five years I have suffered the loss of two friends, whose untimely deaths could have been prevented if they would have only decided to take the time to buckle up.

There is no guarantee that they would not have suffered minor or even critical injuries from the accident, but the injuries they may have suffered may have given them the chance to live a full life. It would have also not left their loved ones with a void that no other person will ever be able to feel.

The law now allows a highway patrol or a police officer to issue a seatbelt ticket if they pull someone over for another reason and realize that the driver or the passengers are not in seat belts or children are not in proper restraints. But why should the driver have to be breaking another safety law in order to be issued a seat belt ticket or a ticket for not having a child in a safety seat. Adults have...