Seatbelt Laws

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Should seatbelt laws be manditory in? I don't really think they should be manditory, I mean if u dont want to buckle your seatbelt you shouldnt have to and the police shouldnt be able to pull people over because of not wearing seatbelts. If someone forgets to put on there seatbelt right away and they get pulled over thats a $40 ticket. I know because i have had one.

If they keep passing laws our state will end up like texas and everyone will get thrown in jail, well the ones that dont wear their seatblets anyways, and I really do not feel like sitting in jail. I think they just need to let people do what they want if they want to put on their seatbelt then they can that is their decision to put their life in danger.

People who choose not to wear their seatbelts are putting themselves at risk of dying they aren't hurting anyone but themselves.

If the cops pull us over for not wearing seatbelts and throw people in jail, then the citizens everywhere should be able to through the cops in jail for driving too fast to a scene of an accident because that is putting people in danger for driving fast.

Wearing seatbelts is not a matter of public safety, and it certainly isn't criminal. Seatbelts do not always save lifes, in some cases they also take them but they are more good than bad. I think people need to wear them just incase they get in an accident, but people dont need to get pulled over for not wearing one just in case they forget, and have to pay money that some people do not have.

People are not totally safe walking, or riding bikes or mopeds, and none of them have seatbelts, motorcycles, orv's, and snowmobiles dont have seatbelts either, and they are more dangerous than cars usually. So should we not walk or do any of that other stuff either, should we get tickets for walkin places? I dont think so. Either way you will never win. The government is just too powerful