Seatbelts and Helments (Opposition)

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There have been oppositions to many laws throughout the years that are nation has been in existence. Sometimes the arguments against law are simply invented by people who wish not to conform. There are arguments however, that are valid. The validity of these opinions usually comes from a basis of rights violation. As Americans we have the freedom to disagree and object with the government and when legislation writes and proposes laws we can publicly discuss our distaste. The fact that the citizens do not support an idea does not mean that it shall not be passed into law. These opposed issues are very commonly entered into government systems and much to the people's dismay is aggressively enforced. Two very controversial examples of this are the laws that require people in cars to wear seatbelts and those on motorcycles to wear helmets. The fact that these things are important to safety and that they save lives, is not what is questioned, those things are givens.

Where the disagreement begins is with the peoples given rights.

The Constitution of the United States of America stands upon the promise, found in the ninth amendment that the government cannot pass laws and sanctions that impose on the rights that citizens are given and clearly stated within the document. Should the government have the ability to infringe upon the particular right that allows us to make our own decisions and choose for ourselves. Seatbelts and helmets deal directly with the individual person, which is their own property. If a person does not wish to wear a seatbelt, they should be allowed the right to decline. If a motorcycle rider wants to take off cross-country and leave his or her helmet behind that is also a personal choice that they should be able to make.