Seclusion In Carmilla

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Seclusion in J.Sheridan le Fanu?s ?Carmilla? Seclusion was a major theme in J. Sheridan le Fanu?s short story ?Carmilla?. It was brought out in the story from the Castle in which Laura resided, to the place where Carmilla?s coffin lies. Seclusion showed itself throughout many different parts of ?Carmilla?.

J. Sheridan le Fanu begins the story describing the castle where Laura resides. Laura starts out by saying, ?But here, in this lonely and primitive place where everything is so marvelously cheap . . . nothing can be more picturesque or solitary? (72). Her castle is in the midst of a forest. Looking towards the road the property reaches fifteen miles to the right and twelve miles to the left. Laura also states that it is three miles westward is the nearest village, which was not even habitable. Within that area is a church and the tombs of the Karnstein family, which is the family that Carmilla in actuality belongs to.

The closest inhabited village is seven miles to the left, and closest castle is that lived in by General Spielsdorf (73). For the most part Laura would keep to herself and enjoys the company of nature. Once in a while she had people over who were her own age. Sometimes the visitors stayed a long time while others only stayed short periods (74). Laura states, ? My life was, notwithstanding, rather a solitary one, I can assure you? (74). Laura did not seem to like living her life in solitude. It seems that if she could have had her own way she would not have chosen to live her life in solitude.

When Carmilla arrived, Laura became close to her newfound friend. Although they spent every day together, the story?s seclusion didn?t end there. Laura knew the...