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Talk of the second coming has been among us for thousands of years. The question has been asked, ?What is the second coming.? W.B. Yeats poem, ?The Second Coming,? gives us a very vast description filled with passionate since of anarchy and many symbolic images. This poems is filled with so much anarchy it results into bringing the reader to this question, ?Why is the since of anarchy so overwhelming in this poem?? What is the second coming? The Second Coming is biblical teaching on the return of Jesus Christ to the earth at the end of earthly history. In the latter portion of his ministry, Jesus told his followers that he would be leaving them but would return again to the earth. This message of the second coming is referred to as the Blessed Hope. Jesus warned his followers that they should be prepared to welcome him back.

In the upper room with his disciples, Jesus told them he was going away but promised that he would come again one day. At his ascension, the two angels declared that he would return.

What is the definition of anarchy? Anarchy is the absence of any form of political authority, the political disorder and confusion, and the absence of any cohesive principle, such as a common standard or purpose. This poem is overwhelmed with the since of anarchy from top to bottom. The poem starts with, ?Turning and turning in the widening gyre the falcon cannot here the falconer. What is a gyre? A gyre is a vortex, meaning a circular motion. In this sentence the world is in deep anarchy because the authority figure is talking, but the listener is not listening. The next sentence states, ?Thing fall apart; the centre cannot hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon...