The Second Great Awakening- a speech on how this cause is greater and tied with the other reform groups of the time.

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These are troubling times. As more and more people dismiss and abandon God, the number of social injustices to our fellow man increases. The black man is still treated as a possession, as a subhuman. Only white males are allowed suffrage in our so called 'democracy'. By treating these as separate issues, instead of as a larger all-encompassing problem, none of them can be permanently resolved. Take, for instance, how other social activists are approaching these dilemmas. They have become so entangled in their own cause, fighting and arguing that theirs is the most worthy, that they blatantly ignore and turn a blind eye towards all others. Many supporters of women's suffrage couldn't care less about the fate of African slaves; transcendentalists place an overt emphasis on the self while blowing off such important matters as ensuring basic human rights for all. America's moral depravity is like a complex illness; we try treating individual symptoms, but the disease at its core rages on.

If we continue to sin and disobey the Bible's holy teachings, we will fall. Our nation will be punished by the hand of God just as Sodom was in times past. And this time, God's wrath will not be evident in some great catastrophe; his vengeance will strike us at our root, and our society will collapse over the weight of its sins like a crumbling and decayed wall.

We have not yet reached the point of no return, however. We can still redeem ourselves and reverse moral decay. We must take the fate of Sodom as a warning and rely on the Bible to regain our moral consistency. In order to create a harmonious society, we simply propose that you follow God's will and take an active role in your church community. More people attend...