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MY VISIT TO SALFORD UNIVERSITY, ENGLAND I started my Journey to Salford University to compare the Nursing curriculum to what I have experienced in America, since I have completed my nursing training and am now a Licensed Practical nurse. I started by taking a midnight flight out of Philadelphia international airport. It was raining when we took off but when I arrived in England, to my surprise, it was sunny. I was surprised because England is famous for its rainy weather.

I decided to take a cab to Salford University, just to see what it looked like. The University was huge, and there were many other courses offered there besides the Nursing courses I was there to examine.

Some facts about Salford University's nursing program are that over 2000 Nurses enroll with the School of Nursing every year on their pre and post qualifying programs. The majority is studying to further their professional development and enhance the care they provide to their patients; others are interested in learning for their own personal satisfaction and that is exactly why I am here.

The University is located in the City of Salford, a mile and a half from Manchester center, but it has surrounding much like a suburb setting. The city of Salford is an ancient city, which expanded swiftly with the industrial revolution. The last few years have seen the redevelopment of much of the city. The city is considered a "Harbor City" because it has a very busy waterside center of commerce.

I enjoyed the extensive on-site Library managed by the University's Academic Information Service, which is stocked specifically with text, journals and materials to support Nursing programs. It was a lot bigger then Penn States University Library, I was truly impressed. Once I got familiar with the school, I decided to sit in on one of the lessons being taught that day. What the day's lesson was based on was CPR (cardiac pulmonary resuscitation) and emergency care. The procedure taught for CPR is exactly the same in England as it is here in the U.S. One good thing was that the class was small and everyone got a chance to practice CPR on dummies. I remember learning CPR at Penn State and there were too many students and not enough dummies for everyone to have a turn.

In my opinion Manchester is a great city for student life. It has an exciting nightlife. There are lots of restaurants, theaters and clubs to visit. The University itself offers students their own sporting facilities including a swimming pool, squash, badminton etc. There are a lot of apartments and cheep rooms for rent for students like me who would have to move to the city in order to attend the University. I am considering possibly furthering my career. I was so impressed with Salford University that I looked into registering for the next semester, to achieve my goal of becoming an RN nurse (Registered Nurse).

My second journey to Europe was fun, I hope I will have as much fun and excitement on my next journey as I did this time. Europe is a great place to become a nurse or doctor. On my first journey, as I told you, hospitals are very good in Europe because of the nurses, doctors, and the quality care offered there. This is the end of my second journey to Europe, I can't wait for my next trip.