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As we all know, in our globalized world, it's essential to know a second language because many companies and businesses have a desire to expand their network. Therefore, only by knowing a language which is used in many parts of the world could we have opportunities of getting a good job. First of all, having fluency in another language not only gives us an advantage over the others when applying for a job but also creates conditions for us to go abroad and get a great job in a foreign company. For instance, companies which have many braches all over the world will easily give you a job because of your degree in another language and then you can switch between branches for the higher office. Secondly, learning a second language allows people to explore and better understand another culture so that we can interact with the locals then our job will be easier and more successful.

Thirdly, knowledge of a foreign language is equally useful for maintaining employment, particularly in industries where companies look to relocate business or expand into other markets. In conclusion, from the great benefits of job above, we can realize that a language plays an important role in one's life