Second revolution reconstruction

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As soon as the Civil War ended and the Reconstruction started, the U.S started to have a revolution. During this period many constitutional and social developments caused a lot of change in the country. Some constitutional developments and social developments that cause problems. Together these changed brought this country in a revolution.

There were many things done to stop this and give each side what they wanted like the Missouri Compromise but this eased tensions to some degree, and only delayed what was going to happen. After Lincoln became the President in 1860 seven states decided to cede from the Union and soon after four more joined them. South Carolina feared that the north would gain enough power over the south that they would abolish slavery in the south (Doc A). This started the Civil War. This caused the Emancipation Proclamation to be placed and the freeing of the slaves in the south happened because of this.

The United States still had many issues to take care off even with the end of the war. One issue was the new banking. Senator John Sherman felt that the country was not nationalize. He felt that America would prosper more if it had its own unique exchange system, as opposed to different states doing their own things which is why the government could be overthrown. (Doc B). (Doc C) Some Africans felt that they were being deceived by their government. They did not understand why they are were still exiled to vote for their representatives. In the petition the collaborated thought of the black people explain how they are treated unfairly in court. At that time the government was not too willing to help out the freedmen. Which shows the two conflicting sides during the reconstruction. Gideon Welles, Lincoln's Secretary of...