Secondary and tertiary companies (Fullers)

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Task 1

I am going to write about Fuller, Smith and Turner PLC for this assignment. Fuller, Smith and Turner PLC are a brewery manufacture and a retail company (so they operate in the secondary and tertiary sector). Their manufacturing plant is in Chiswick, London and they have a number of pubs, bars and hotels all over the UK with the "Pilgrims rest" in Kent.

How Fullers became a Public Limited Company

1617 the Fuller, Smith and Turner partnership is founded

1829 John Fuller joins the brewery that has been operating on the Chiswick site for over two hundred years.

1845 John Bird Fuller, Henry Smith and John Turner found Fuller Smith & Turner. Direct descendants of the founding families are still involved in the running of the Company today. A brewery has stood on this same Chiswick site for over 350 years, and a wisteria plant, the oldest in Great Britain has clung lovingly to the brickwork of the brewery house for 186 years.

1872 John Bird Fuller dies and his son George Pargiter Fuller inherits his father's share.

1929 Fuller's becomes a public limited company operating in the private sector.

For Fullers to create a Public Limited Company, the directors have to apply to the Stock Exchange Council, which will carefully check the company's accounts. A business wanting to "go public" will arrange for one of the merchant banks to handle the paperwork. Selling new shares is quite a risky business; the stock exchange has 'good days' (when many shares are bought) and 'bad days' (when people want to sell their shares). If a new share corresponds with a 'bad day' the company could be in trouble and lose a lot of money.

The Benefits of a Public Limited company (i.e. Fullers)

·The company can acquire large...