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The current Muslim population in the UK is estimated at 1.9 million and growing, making it the third-largest religion in Western Europe and representing 3.2% of the UK population. This means that, in 2001, Muslims in the UK had an estimated spending power of $20.5 billion. Mintel puts the overall Halal market in the UK, for both in and out-of-home consumption, at around $700 million, with extensive market potential (Mintel reports 2002).

The Muslim population of Bradford and surrounding areas is 75000 people (UK Census 2001) and 16% of the total UK Muslim people reside in the Bradford region.

I was asked to analyse a marketing strategy for a product or service with a clear understanding of the principles of marketing. The marketing strategy I decided to analyse was the Edinburgh Bicycle Co-operative.

The strategies of Edinburgh Bicycle Co-operative are as follows;

- They place their customers at the centre of everything they do and strive to understand their customers' needs.

- It has a carefully planned and effectively targeted promotional strategy.

- The firms continual emphasis on improving customer service.

Was Edinburgh Bicycle Co-operative successful;

Over the last decade Edinburgh Bicycles strategies have proven to be very successful. Turnover has grown by almost 300 percent. They have also been voted top cycle shop in Scotland by readers of Cycling plus in 1993 as well as obtaining many awards.

Why have the strategies of Edinburgh Bicycle Co-operative made it successful

By remaining close to its customers, by taking part in the development of competitive and recreational cycling in Scotland, the 'century challenge' 100 miles rides, mountain bike competitions and sponsorship of new cycle paths. From this they will be able to stay up to date with their customer's needs, by gaining information on how the market place...