A secondary story to Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, i.e. something that could have happend to Sir Gawain on his way to the Green Knight.

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As he walks through the darkest forest

searching for a place to rest,

Sir Gawain hears a howling resonates trough the woods.

A desperate, frightened, helpless voice is waiting to be heard

by a brave and fearless knight

who will come to save the captured lady fearing her early death.

Sir Gawain seized by his code of honour and searching for his courtly love

does not struggle with himself,

but his way to reach the lovely voice's origin.

What do his eyes see on a clearing far away? A haunting beauty

dressed in finest silk cloth

with a captivating charisma tied up in a dirty cage.

A dozen wild men, unkempt and behaving in a vulgar manner

armed with axes and machetes

are surrounding and starring at their newest achievement, planning a despising act.

Sir Gawain, being of the weakest build, begins to brood

about a quick harmless way

to save the feminine splendor without falling in a discouraging fight.

He forms an idea of playing a trick with the brute,

a trick that requires expertise

to faign a state for the drinking, dens pack lazing on the ground.

He is creeping around the mob, looking for a space to hide

his horse and arms

and magnificent uniform to bath himself in mud and dirt to equal the revolting figures.

With loud steps he is tramping towards the beasts and pretending

to be of like minds with them

seeing the captured beauty and insulting her with heavy heard.

The gentlewoman cannot stop crying, fearing the worst

that now her time has come

while the horde admits him forthwith to their booze-up at the fire.

"Who is the leader of your people?" he speaks out loud

reminding himself at last Christmastide

when this whole adventure began when he tried to be...