Secrecy, a major downfall

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Often it is necessary for a character to keep a secret in order to achieve his/her goals. However, divulging this secret at a certain moment might in fact affect the outcomes and events of the work as a whole. Similarly Henrik Ibsen's A Doll House brings about this topic by the incorporation of Nora into the play in which secrecy affects the outcome of not only the character but of the entire literary work. Thus proving that secrecy can lead to the downfall of the character and the view of those around them as Nora is when her secret is revealed, inevitably causing a certain lost.

A Doll House is a remarkable play which depicts and brings about the problems with secrecy through it's character, portrayed her as Nora. This secret that Nora has kept and "In time she will [reveal]" is the catalyst for the turn of events which occur.

Nora's current social position and status prevents her from revealing and divulging why she borrowed money from a stranger and forged a contact. The reason for this action taken by Nora which is later on revealed is to save the precious life of her husband whom with out the proper care would have died. This deceit however brings the destruction of the character and the downfall of her being.

While Nora would have chosen a good time to exposed her secret, another event expedited this secret and brought about the truth into the air, this even was the hiring of Mrs. Christine Linde an old school mate of Nora which needed to get a job, this therefore added to the inevitable lost of position/job of Nils Krogstad. This automatically caused Krogstad to try to manipulate Nora into convincing her husband Torvald Helmer to get his...