The Secret Annexe - The place Anne Frank lived during World War Two

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In July of 1942, the Franks were forced to go into hiding. They were Jewish citizens, living in Denmark, which was under Nazi German control. The Nazis were forcing Jews

to live in camps of continious labor and torture. The Franks did not wish to live in a camp like that, so they went into hiding in Copenhagen, Denmark, right under the noses of the Nazi Germans.

The hideout was located on the second and third floors of Otto Frank's somewhat small three-story office building in Copenhagen. Only the eight residents of the hideout

and four of Otto's co-workers knew of the existence of the hideout. This small group thwarted the Gestapo, the Nazi secret police, for nearly twenty-five months. Also, the

fact that eight people could live in such a small area for twenty-five months and not have a major problem, like a killing rage, is amazing. I surely could not stand it.

The first floor of the office, in which the Franks were hiding, was just like a normal office. The second floor had two storerooms and a secret door, leading to the hideout. Directly across the hall was a steep staircase, leading to the third floor. On the left of the staircase, a room became the older Frank's bedroom. The young Frank's

bedroom was right next door. Drussel eventually moved into this bedroom. To the right of the staircase, there was a bathroom, with a toilet and a sink.

Right when you pop out on the third floor, you see a big, light-filled room. It contains a stove and a sink, and became the older Van Daan's bedroom, the living room, the

dining room, and general hang-out room. A little room on the corridor became Peter Van Daan's bedroom. Farther down the corridor, there is a giant attic. The Franks and Van

Daans stored most of their food, trinkets, and supplies there.

Now, you see in what a little area the Franks and Van Daans lived. I am still amazed that they lasted so long. They probably are some of the most famous people of

World War Two. I believe that they were very brave people. I certainly could not have done any of that. I would not have even lasted a month.