The Secret Life of Bees

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The Secret Life of Bees Essay

Sue Monk Kidd uses many techniques to shape character and explore themes in The Secret Life of Bees. The theme and characters in the novel illustrate the distinct change of character throughout the text, the change of personalities and the development of new information in characters, past and future. Sue Monk Kidd uses techniques such as use of narrative point of view to shape Lily's character, the use of actions and setting to change T. Ray's character and the use of symbols and motifs that help create August Boatwright's character.

First of all Sue Monk Kidd uses a range of techniques to shape the character of Lily, one of these techniques is the use of narrative point of view. This technique allows the reader follow along in the long and hard life of Lily Owens. Throughout the novel the theme demonstrates the irrationality of racism but ultimately how Lily struggles but manages to overcome her own sense of racism.

The narrative point of view shows Lily near the beginning of the novel treats the African-Americans as if they are not as smart as white people and not as attractive as white people. The text illustrates her change throughout, especially when she and Rosaleen moves into the Pink House with the three sisters. Lily has trouble at the start not being able to touch Mary's heart but once she grows and starts to become more aware she fixes her unresolved issues which are also the theme of racism in her character, "I've just never heard of a Negro lawyer, that's all. You've got to hear of these things before you can imagine them. Bullshit. You gotta imagine what's never been." This comes from when Lily is talking...