Secret life of bees

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"Secret life of Bees"

Lily had experienced many risk factors in her life that contributed to her behavior and her acts of delinquency. The movie begins with Lily having a flashback.

In the flashback her mother is packing, when her father "T-Ray" enters the room and grabs her. Terrified, Deborah grabs a gun which she had hidden, but it is knocked out of her hands. Lily's mother holds out her hand for Lily to hand the gun to her. The screen goes blank and a gunshot is heard. The next scene Lily is laying in bed states that she accidentally killed her mother. Following that scene lily starts to see a swarm of bees in her room and calls for T.Ray to come help her. T.Ray gets upset when he goes into the room and doesn't see any bees he becomes very frustrated with lily and tells her not to bother her.

In that first scene in the movie, you can see two risk factors that contribute to lily's delinquency. The abuse that T.Ray portrayed towards lily and her mother is a main contributing factor to lily's delinquency well into the future. In a study by Chesney-Lind, she found that nearly all women in an adult prison were victims of abuse as girls, with 60% experiencing sexual-abuse. This same abuse although (Non-Sexual) is still a main contributing factor to her delinquency as she continued to grow up. Lily also continues to blame the death of her mother on herself as her father told her that she had pulled the trigger and killed her mom. Lily constantly In class we also talked about how Girls Internalize problems more than boys. This internalization can lead to self-blame, self-harm, depression, low self-esteem and negative body image, which lead to delinquency later...