THe Secret Life of Walter Mitty- a comparisson essay of the movie and the short story. compares the plot, character development and setting

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Comparative Essay

Movie vs. Story

Sam Stephens

September 24, 2003

Any movie based upon a piece of literature can make or break its source of inspiration. Some movies do no mercy toward the book, while some exceed the quality of the novel. The movie, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, directed by Norman Mc Lean, was a much better piece of work than the short story, "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty," written by James Thuber, because the video had a satisfying conclusion, more action, and a much more developed and advanced plot.

The conclusion of the story left you unsatisfied and discontent because it didn't really tell you what happens to the protagonist; it just ends, while the movie ends with Walter, the protagonist, finding love. Walter also overcomes his low self-esteem towards his boss and says, "The smartest thing you ever did was hire me!" He goes further in saying that all his boss does is make money of his ideas.

The confidence Walter shows at the end of the movie gets him to a higher a position at work. In addition, the movie also leaves you feeling satisfied because the bad guys, the antagonists, are caught and put in prison. Therefore the movie had a more rewarding conclusion than the short story's inconclusive ending.

The movie had much more action, partly because it was more developed, interesting and exciting. The plot involved more than just Walter going to the store to pick up some items for his wife, as in the story. The movie included bad guys chasing Walter throughout the movie because he accidentally took possession of a precious notebook. In addition, it also incorporated Walter committing death-defying feats such as falling out of, and climbing through sky-high building windows, and tiptoeing along the edge...