Secret Obsession written by Helen Hawkes

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Secret Obsession Essay

Although eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia have been brought to light by the media, other common disorders like binge eating have been left in the dark. Hawke's believes that the general public hold a dispassionate attitude towards binge eating, and through her use of persuasive techniques, attempts to reshape readers attitudes towards the issue and convince them to hold the binge eating disorder in a higher regard. Anecdotes are useful in revealing the emotional toll that sufferers of binge eating face. Statistics are an effective technique in examining the true extent of the binge eating disorder and inclusive language is used to allow readers to relate to the binge eating problem more easily. An understanding of the context also enables readers to be positioned to accept binge eating as a major issue in society.

A central issue raised in the text is that binge eating is an important disorder that remains largely unrecognised by the general public.

Hawkes attempts to position readers to change their attitude towards binge eating as she believes that readers hold an uninterested and apathetic view of binge eating and tries to convince them to believe that binge eating is a widespread and major problem. Hawkes utilises a variety of conventions, namely anecdotes of those who have suffered from the binge eating disorder to convince readers to change their position about the disorder. "Ashleigh, a 22 year-old information officer, is in long-term treatment for binge eating and bulimia. Margaret, a 31 year-old art director started binge eating when she was 18". These anecdotes reveal the emotional as well as physical strains that binge eating can have on sufferers, and the use of multiple anecdotes from several sufferers reiterates the notion that the disorder is more common than many may think. As a...