The Secret Road

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Title: The Secret Road Author: Bruce Lancaster This story took began in the year 1780. The title of this book is "The Secret Road". The story took place on Manhatten Island during a period of time when the country had many battles.

This was a story about a secret road that led across fighting territory. If you were on the right side, you would be allowed to pass without any problems. Enemies would have to fight their way across.

The story starts where Grant Ledyard is taken prisoner and shipped off to Long Island. He had witnessed a boy with scurvy, a disease that happened quite frequently among sailors. This was caused from a lack of vitamin C. It was difficult to get fresh fruit to sailors because so much of their food was of sea rations. The young boy had been kicked by an officer and Grant disagreed in how the young boy was being treated, feeling that the officers reaction was unacceptable.

In a bit of a struggle with the officer, rough waters caused Grant to fall from the boat where he was able to escape. He swam to the safety of the island but was soon caught.

As Grant sat in a small room, he tried to listen to a conversation from Robert Townsend. Grant was still being held as a prisoner. In one day he had escaped a drowning, run a way for freedom, ease dropped in on Townsend and had a ferry ride to Long Island where he continued to be held prisoner for him witnessing the kicking of the young boy..

Grant, soon released, became a guard for two ladies who needed to travel across country. Little did he know that these ladies were up to no good. The road they needed to travel was unsafe. Laural, the young girl became attracted to Grant. She did not like men in uniform and thought of them as killers. At this point he was not in uniform and the ladies knew nothing about him.

Later, Grant stopped by Laurels house, in uniform. A surprise visit. He had become a captain since the time he had traveled with these ladies. He talked to her about fighting for what he believed in and why it was important. She talked to Grant about her family values of war being evil and how she hated men in a uniform. Her parents advised him, not to see her again, because of their different beliefs. At that point in the story he did not know that he would meet up with her again.

Grant headed into enemy country. He was to deliver a letter to Sir Henry Clinton. He stayed with the Clinton's while he attended to assigned business.

Grant was appointed many missions in this story. It shares the challenges he faced being held prisoner, traveling across enemy grounds with two ladies, delivering important letters and finding French gold.

In the end, Grant found out that Laurel had fooled him. She turned on Grand and had her men take him to the salt box and tie him up as her prisoner. In the end he was rescued.