The Secret Sharer

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The Secret Sharer/Heart of Darkness The "Heart of Darkness"� and "The Secret Sharer"� are both stories written by Joseph Conrad. Joseph Conrad was a writer that was really into ships. He loved shipping so much that he wrote most of his stories about ships. In this essay I will compare the man named Leggett from "The Secret Sharer"� and the man Kurtz from "Heart of Darkness"�.

Leggett was the mate aboard the ship Sephora. He was a rather regular man, the basic features of any other man. Leggett was an extraordinarily good swimmer. He was found hanging on the ladder off the side of the ship that the Captain was aboard.

Late one night the captain had his watch on the poop deck when he noticed that the ladder was never raised. This was a big thing aboard a ship because a tress passer could easily enter the ship.

He went over to pull the ladder up but it was too heavy and when he looked down, to his surprise, he found a man in the water. He could not see very well, but he invited the man aboard and saw that the man was stark naked! He got him some clothes and Leggett, the man, told his way of how he became on his ladder.

Leggett was aboard the Sephora while a terrible storm was brewing. It was a hurricane, and of course hurricanes are very rough on a ship. Leggett was setting a reef sail and he had had just about enough of the weather. Another man had given him insolence and so Leggett turned around and they started to fight. Leggett had a firm grip around the man's neck when all of a sudden a huge wave came over the...