"The Secret Sharer" and "Heart of Darkness" written by Joseph Conrad.

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In the stories The Secret Sharer and Heart of Darkness written by Joseph Conrad, the characterization in the short stories is common in both. Joseph Conrad describes the true inner self of humans throughout both novels and he begins to do this directly in the titles. Conrad ultimately demonstrates how evil exists in all of us through his unique writing style. Both of these stories tell the tale of two characters realization of the hidden, dark and evil side in themselves. Joseph Conrad's books are also similar in the ways that they both consist of a good and evil dialect. Joseph not only writes about good and evil but how a good character associates with an evil character and how similar they are in each other's minds.

The short stories The Secret Sharer and Heart of Darkness both share similarities within their titles. The similarity is shown throughout the context of the stories; however, it can be identified without even opening the covers.

The two main words in the title The Secret Sharer show a contradiction. In the novel a secret can be thought as something that is beyond ordinary understanding or explanation, or in other words a mystery. While a sharer is something belonging to, distributed to, contributed by or owed by a person. A secret has a mysterious and somewhat evil connotation, while a sharer has a giving and good connotation. This gives rise to a possibility of a good and evil plot. The connotations of the two main words in Heart of Darkness also show a contradiction. In the novel a heart can be described as the vital center and source of one's being, emotions, and sensibilities. Darkness can be thought as sullen, threatening, concealed or the absence of moral or spiritual values. A heart...