Secrets: The story of a lesbian encounter.

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Did you see those tears rolling down her pale cheeks? Those eyes filled with anger and torment? She was just standing over the lifeless body with a 9mm gun in her shaking hands. Her laughter echoed around the silent room. It was not a laughter filled with supremacy or happiness, but of uncertainty. But why? Why did she laugh that night?


It's that feeling that you want to go away, but sticks and sticks like glue on paper. You try to pull it off, but it just ends up tearing through everything that you have worked to make right.

Two young girls, Hana and Abby by name, have been walking this shadow everyday. People point and laugh as they stride down the hallways side by side. They don't see the good inside these girls, they only see their faults. It seemed as though these girls were strongly keeping their heads up high but deep down they wanted to cry out in pain.

They were confused...confused about their feelings and confused about their sexuality. Abby wanted to keep it a secret, but Hana... she wanted to come out.

It was 3 months ago when it all began. I spotted them both sitting on the worn out bench hidden behind the old oak tree. They looked like old friends catching up but the way that they had looked at each other made me wonder.

As I stood and watched from afar, my worst fears were revealed like a distorted image becoming apparent. First they just held hands and looked into each others eyes. But to my dismay, my two best friends had planned on revealing their affections for one another. I didn't want to look, but I couldn't move. A gasp escaped me as I saw their lips upon each...