A Secular Life

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Over the last few years America has been evolving towards many important political and social changes. Some of these changes have posed a question, has America become secular? Although many Americans attend church and follow certain religious practices, it is quite obvious that America has indeed become secular. America has become an extremely competitive place. Religion affects our world in a variety of ways. The social, political, and individual functions are very important in basing the development of a society and how its people relate to it. Different religions promote different values or morals that will alter these functions and developments. Though all religions have a main goal of creating a society where the citizens feel their society and lifestyle is of the highest quality, America has indeed become secular.

I think that in a society where being rich or wealthy is everything, our religious beliefs tend to get lost in the "survival of the fittest" lifestyle that we lead everyday.

Of course we all have certain standards in which we believe and live by. A good example of the standard behavior that makes us so secular is in Will Herbergs essay, "This American Way of Life." Herbergs says, "the American way of life is a symbol by which Americans define themselves and establish their unity" (293). He means that unity is something we all strive for. To be American is to be part a huge family, no matter what gender, color, or background. We stick together. We fight together, we laugh together, and we grieve together as Americans.

Terms like democracy, individuality, and self-reliance are all words we relate to as Americans. We teach our kids that we should be grateful everyday to be Americans. In this country we can choose our own destination. We can be whatever we...