To be Secure or to be Excited?

Essay by Lightninggt November 2005

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There is a wide range of careers in the world today; some make more money while others are more voluntary. Many jobs that have a six or even a seven digit pay-check such as pharmacy can be repetitive but at the same time, more secure. Other jobs such as a real estate agent can be exciting yet risky depending on the economy. From these different jobs, I would prefer an exciting job as long as the risk is not too high. Although security is important, having a boring job would not satisfy my meaning of a happy life.

After post-secondary graduation, many opportunities await. Applying for a job in different fields will be one of the biggest decisions in my life. If I plan to start a family, security is one of the more primary concerns compared to as if I have yet to start a family because if I am on my own, a sudden pause in income can be easier to handle compared to having a whole family.

Therefore, in the case of a family, it is important to accommodate for other people's needs and also your own.

Another factor that would affect the decision is the risk of injury on the job. Thousands of construction worker and field engineers are injured on the job and even though this number can easier be lowered, the risk of injury is still much greater than working a desk job.

It is important to understand the surroundings and its factors when one chooses a career and decide which factors outweigh the others. Personally, I find that an exciting job is more important than a boring job even if it is not as secure as long as all other variables are relatively the same.