Securing the Blessing of Liberty

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Securing the Blessings of Liberty

The quest for freedom was why America was established. However, as the founding fathers began their journey towards freedom from English rule, they realized true freedom was impossible in order to maintain a civilized society. This resulted in the founding fathers creating a government that evenly distributed the power to make and enforce liberty; a realistic form of freedom. This government included three branches; legislative, executive, and judicial. The legislative branch is responsible for making the laws, the executive branch approves them, and the judicial branch enforces them. All of these leaders were chosen by the people to ensure the liberty of the citizens instead of allowing anarchy caused by true freedom. Liberty differs from freedom in that it implies there are boundaries, potential obligations, restrictions, and a need to interact with other human beings. � Therefore, it is the government that is responsible for securing the blessings of liberty, not the citizens.

In order to secure these blessings firm rules must be created and then to maintain this liberty, these boundaries must be enforced; both of which are the government's duties.

The American government was created by the founding fathers with an effort to achieve a popular government and one that ensured liberty. That term suggests that the government was created "by the people, for the people, and of the people."� In other words, the government leaders in the legislative branch, who were chosen by the people, created the laws that would allow people to have liberty based upon the needs of the citizens and the issues of the time period. For example, when the issue of slavery became a great controversy in the mid 1800s, the government ultimately stepped in and established the 13th Amendment to allow...